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A 2011 Honda RC162 replica

Estimate  £9000-£10000

Engine number MC14E 1159606

  • Built in 2011-2 using the highest quality parts available
  • Honda CBR250RR engine, ECU and ignition system, revs over 20,000rpm
  • Tigcraft frame and swingarm, black power coated
  • Borriani flanged alloy front rim on Disco Volante 230mm 4LS brake/hub
  • Akront flanged rear alloy rim on 2LS hub
  • “Custom Tanks and Designs” PF Keyte handmade alloy fairings, seat base, oil tank and petrol tank.  Painted parts in two pack, fairings are brushed alloy
  • Swarbeck 4 megaphone exhausts, unbaffled and VERY loud
  • HRC replica rearsets with easy switchable race/road gear change setup
  • HRC rear brake lever
  • HRC replica steering damper knob
  • All new bearings, cables, fork rebuild
  • Very low mileage BT45 F&R tyres
  • A very good quality machine  on the button and ready to use