A 1940 Triumph Tiger 70 250

Estimate  £6000-£7000

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Estimate  £6000-£7000


Excellent condition

Newly rebuilt with 10 miles since completion.

Newly built wheels, rims, stainless steel spokes. New Dunlop TT K70 tyre and tube front, nearly new Dunlop rear. Updated brakes, refurbished teleforks. Rebuilt gear box, new clutch and chains. Completely rebuilt engine including new Amal carb, rebuilt magneto and dynamo, new wiring throughout including 12 volt conversion and DVR2. Stainless steel front mudguard, nickel bars, chrome headlight, Smiths speedo, stainless kickstart and brake components. Finned alloy oil pump cover and sump plate. Chrome exhaust. Alloy steering damper, chrome levers, turned brass detailing. New gaskets, washers, nuts and bolts throughout. It was built as a lightweight easy to use classic that has improved braking, handling and lighting. 5 digit transferable original number plate. V5 tax and MOT exempt.

This bike could be taken back to original spec with girder forks, instruments in the tank and the tank reformed for under £1000 if you wanted to.

Other work by a Triumph specialist includes: Doherty brake and clutch levers, new HT leads made and fitted, new plug cap and spark plug, rocker feed fitted with new washers and more.

The bike is unique and rare, it is thought that there are about 20 left registered in the UK.

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