Jock Taylor’s 1980 Windle TZ 500/700 World Championship and TT winning Sidecar Outfit

Estimate  £200,000-£220,000

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Estimate  £200,000-£220,000


In 1979 Sidecar Chassis Constructer Terry Windle was comissioned to build a Chassis for Scottish Sidecar Champion Jock Taylor for the 1980 World Championships / Brittish Championships and the 1980 TT this was the second Chassis Terry had built for Jock, the first Chassis Built was called the Tin Windle, due to its Box Tin Construction, this Chassis flexed and cracked a lot especially on road Circuits like the Isle of Man TT Course.

This new construction was a Reynolds 531 Tubed Construction, which was Tig Welded holding it together, it was far more rigid and stable than the earlier vershioned Tin Windle, with it being Tubular, it handled better, it was built to house the Yamaha TZ500cc or TZ700cc 2 stroke Engines, the TZ500cc for Grand Prixs and the TZ700cc fot the Isle of Man, and British Championships, rear interchangeable Engine mounting plates made the Engine changover so simple and Quick,

On construction of the Tubular Chassis,

This is as told to me by Terry at East Fortune, when Terry and his Wife came up to see Jocks bike run for the first time in 30 years, he passed on a lot of Information to me about Jocks bike that weekend.

Theres not another Windle Sidecar like it, Dimensions / Geometry Plus Plus, I was asked by Terry Windle to take what he was about to tell me in strict Confidence and to keep it that way, After Terry Windle Died, I was asked by his Son if I knew where if an ID number on Jocks Bike was, I replied YES your father gave me it at East Fortune and told me where to find it on the bike, I told his son I would not devulge it to him, he respected his fathers wishes.

During Construction, Jock asked Terry Windle to fit the handlebars as near and as low to the front Wheel Spindle as possible, as Jock had a theory that the nearer the wheel Spindle the more accurate the Sidecar would be to Steer thru corners,
plus your Body Weight would rest on the fibreglass covering the Top Tube, thus taking the weight of your arms, this was a Theory Jock truly believed in.

1980 Pre Season Testing went good both Jock and Benga settled into the new Windle Tubular Outfit with Ease, Jock commented on the handling of the New Tubular Windle, saying its on rails.

In 1980 Jock n Benga Won the Brittish Sidecar Championship, in 1979 at the TT he had the only DNF in his carreer failing to finish in the 1st TT Race, they won the 2 nd Race lapping at 106.08 mph putting up a new Lap Record, Had 6 World Championship 1st place Podiums, was on all 7 World Championship Podiums that year.

later that year at the British Grand Prix Silverstone he rode the last 3 Laps with a Rear Wheel Puncture, Finishing 2nd to Jones n Ayres, that 2nd place Secured Jock and Benga the 1980 World Championship, and against all Odds, how they achieved this, no one will ever know.

Afterwards Jock said it was his Windle Chassis that won the Championship for them.

1980 saw Jock voted MCN Man of The Year.

In 1981 on his Trusted Windle with the Yamaha TZ700cc engine, Jock / Benga Won both Isle of Man TTs putting up a New Lap Record of 108.12mph and again win the British Championship. But failed to win the World Championship finnishing in 3rd Place, Jock said the new Eouropean Chassis LCR and Seymaz were way ahead with their Technology and Handling Characteristics, and were hard to compete with.

At the end of the 1981 Season, The Team sat down with Terry Windle and Stu Colins ex GP Passenger and designed a New Hub Centered Steering Aircraft Aluminium Box Sectioned Long Chassis Nicknamed The Worm, due to its length it tended to weave a bit on the long Straights, Jock Rode both the 500cc Prototype Worm in the Grand Prixs and his trusted World Championship and TT Winning Windle Tubular TZ700cc at the British Championships and the TT, He won Both the TT Races that year,

During the 2nd TT Race and leading on the Road, Jock came into Quarry Bends, he looked down at his Temp gauge for a few seconds, left the Road ran up an embankment back onto the Road, and set the Outwright Lap Record to 108.29 mph this Lap Record Stood for 7 Years, Jock said he thinks his lap if not for the excursion would have been 110.00 Mph, he said his Windle saved the day,

he was having terrible problems with the Long Chassis and stood on Only 3 third place Podiums that Year 1982

On the 15th August that year 1982 at the Finnish Grand Prix at Imatra Jock’s Worm, Long Chasiss Aqua Plained in terrible Wet Conditions resulting in Jock’s Bike hitting a telegraph Pole with Jock losing his Life.

The Sidecar World had lost the best Sidecar Driver it ever had, and I still cant get over it, yesterday the 09th March was Jock’s 66th Birthday, hes been gone now 38years, and the only thing we have left is Jocks 1980 World Championship and TT Lap Record Winning Windle Yam TZ700cc Sidecar Outfit, now fully restored to what it was 38 years ago, its the most famous Sidecar Outfit in the World, and was Crewed by the most Famous Driver and Passenger Ever, Jock Taylor / Benga Johansen.

When Jock Died , his main Sponsor Tom Wheatcroft who was the Owner then of Donington Racing Circuit, asked Jocks Sponsor Dennis Trollope if Jocks Sidecar could Sit in the Foye of the Donington Park Racing Museum along with 16 world Champion Winning F1 Cars, it sat there for 26 years, it had been prepaired 26 years ago for Jock n Benga coming back from Finland to contest the British Championship, that never happened, Jock, never sat in his Beloved Windle ever again, it was sold to a 5 man Scottish Contortium who claimed they would restore it and display it in a Museum in Afford Aberdeenshire, it never seen light nor was it ever displayed, and Dennis Trollope was nevr PAID for it My son Stuart Muldoon Ex Grand Prix Sidecar Driver and GP Winner, bumped into Dennis Trollope at Brands Hatch, got the above Story and called me,
I then called Dennis and told him I was buying Jocks bike sent a Cheque down that day to secure it and paid Dennis the rest of the Money in Cash when I met him in Afford to collect Jocks Bike.
I then restored it to what it was in 1980, it took me 6 Months or 2246 hrs to complete, to what you see in front of you today.

Age 73 and Health have made me reach my decision to now pass on Jock’s Sidecar, I would like to Go Knowing whos hands its in.

I wish Whomsoever takes the Bike looks after it with the passion and TLC that I have.

Jack Muldoon, Owner and Restorer of Jock Taylors World Championship Winning and TT Lap Record 108.29 Sidecar,

JOCK TAYLOR ( The Flying Scotsman )

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